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Claude Bouchard


I walk around, I walk inside myself, hearing what I see. I like to hear a stream, to hear stones, to hear the eyes of people, to hear Nature speaking to me in the Silence of Truth and Light.

I’m the author or co-author of the books Les Moulins à eau du Québec, Fabuleuse Gaspésie, Par Monts et par Vaux, Côtes-du-Nord, Vers la Mer, Les plages et les grèves de la Gaspésie, Sentinels in the Stream, Fundy Trails, Le Québec maritime. I have some participation on books on Canada, James Bay, Charlevoix.

My photos have been exhibited in museums of Québec and at Gdansk, Paris, Bruxelles, Londres, Barcelone and New York.

I work with tourism or promotionnal organizations and Editors of Québec and Canada. A part of my photos are offered on Bank Images of First Light and Getty.

In 2002, I received from "L’Association des illustrateurs et illustratrices du Québec" the First prize in the category Landscape and Nature Photography.